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About Us

Sofia Consulting Group (SCG) has been created to support and facilitate the penetration of modern management decisions and technologies in the private and public sector. 
Our efforts, will and intellect are fully focused on the provision of consultant services to business entrepreneurs, public administration managers and experts, non-governmental organizations and the civil society.  
We aim at contributing to the building of modern and prosperous Bulgaria at a socially acceptable cost. 
Our business philosophy postulates: 

  • We like the competitive spirit and we are happy to win a project, for which competition was honest and strong.
  • The quality of products we offer surpasses the requested amount.
  • The staff involves creative, knowledgeable and experienced experts.  
  • Our commitments are always backed up with expertise and institutional capacity.

The permanent staff of the company consists of 16 experts, but an average of 70-80 external experts per year are attracted for the purposes of the implementation of various projects.
The carefully accumulated knowledge, skills and competences of the team of Sofia Consulting Group encompass a wide spectrum of management consulting in the field of sectoral development, support provision to the public administration in the management of large and complex projects, financed by Operational programs, elaboration of financial and economic analyses for the purposes of the preparation of large-scale investment projects in various sectors of the infrastructure, the strategic and operation company restructuring and modernization, corporate finance, elaboration of strategic, business and financial plans and forecasts, impacts assessments for large investment projects, project cycle management, regional and local development, environmental preservation and preservation of the technical and social infrastructure.
The professional profile of the experts cover all competences, needed for the provision of the described consultancy service. The quality thereof is managed via the integrated and functioning quality management system and is guaranteed by the obtained certificates under the standards ISO 9001:2015 и ISO 14001:2015. 



Sofia Consulting Group is certified under the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality management standards

01.07.2016 The organization has implemented and incorporated a quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) and an environmental management s...  more

In Focus

Elaboration of Program of Measures for the East Aegean River Basin (EARB). Economic analysis of the draft of the Program of Measures at the EARB level, including cost-benefit analysis


Period of implementation: 23.03.2016-23.06.2016

Contracting Authority: East Aegean River Basin Directorate

The project was implemented by a Consortium, incorporating Sofia Consulting Group, InfoLogica Ltd., Zenith-Hydor Ltd. and Ninka-HM EOOD.

Main activities executed over the course of the project include:


Activity 1. Identification of the main problems and objectives with regard to flood management

- Analysis of the flood risk and flood hazard;

- Identification of the main flood-related problems;

- Determination of the main respective objectives.

Activity 2. Elaboration of a Program of Measures

- Identification of measures/alternatives for achievement of the specified objectives;

- Selection of measures/alternatives;

- Prioritization of the measures;

- Identification of the sources of financing of the measures, included in the Program of Measures;

- Institutional analysis of the institutions/person responsible for the implementation of the measures;

- Determining deadlines for implementation of the measures and elaboration of a time schedule for implementation of the Program of Measures;

- Elaboration of a mechanism for monitoring and control over the implementation of the Program of Measures;

- Structuring of the Program of Measures.

Activity 3. Analysis of the uncertainty and forecasting of the effect of the planned flood-related measures

Activity 4. Development of a database and GIS

- Analysis of the current condition and design of the technical and functional characteristics of the database and GIS;

- Development of a GIS-based application;

- Preparation of the information, necessary for the reporting of the measures.